Friday, 10 May 2013

Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra)

In this post, I will write about Ajna chakra (third eye chakra) of the human energy system.


The ‘ajna’ or ‘agnya’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘command’ or ‘summoning’. So ‘ajna chakra’ means ‘command centre’ or ‘perception centre’. It is the sixth primary chakra of human energy system. It is also known as third eye chakra or brow chakra due to its location in the body. It is also called trikurti, divine eye, divya chaksu or the eye of wisdom.


It is positioned in brain, directly behind and a little above eye brow centre. Superficial activation point is the eye brow region in the position of third eye called bhrumadhya. It is at the sixth junction of the ida, pingla and sushumna crossing. It is at the end of the central channel, sushumna. The side channels, ida and pingla, then continue onwards towards the two nostrils and end there. It is located between and just above the two physical eyes.


It is a solid soft ball of energy of indigo blue colour in its clear state and rotating clockwise. It appears like 96 petal lotus flower. The seed mantra to activate this chakra is sound ‘aum’ pronounced  ‘om’, the supreme sound. The element associated with it is mind, soul, spirit, and subconciousness or by whatever name you call it. Endocrine gland connected with it is the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is considered the master gland of all endocrine glands. It is involved with regulations of endocrine system and hormone regulation system of the body. Physical body organs associated with it are brain, eyes, ears, nose and neurological system. Corresponding nerve plexus in physical body is cavernous plexus.


Ajna chakra is centre of wisdom and knowledge. It is the centre of visualization and imagination, thinking and thoughts. It is the doorway through which one enters psychic or astral dimensions. It is the level at which mind to mind communication takes place. Through the power of this chakra you can receive guidance, command and tune into your higher self. It is being centre of mind. It represents higher level of awareness. This centre enables you to experience telepathy, astral travel, remote viewing and past lives.  Our two eyes sees physical world, but this third spiritual eye sees beyond that. At this chakra, there is third psychic knot called rudra granthi. This knot symbolizes attachment with psychic power or sidhis. This knot must be dissolved for rising kundalini energy to continue toward sahashrara chakra.

Here, individual ego merges with the cosmic ego. Here awareness expands to realise that nothing is separate, we are truly one. Here we have moved from the physical elements to the realms of light.

The consistent focus at the physical location of this energetic centre is extremely powerful. This is an important focal point for practising meditation, concentration and visualization. If the vision of light at this chakra is well developed, we can visualize rising of pran and its movement throughout the body. It is responsible for sixth sense. It is the centre for creative visualization and astral travel. Here, your intuitive power develops to its full potential. You get help to find your personal path through the jungle of human life.

Through this ajna chakra, we can master our mind. When we are disconnected from this chakra, we feel confused and depressed and our mind feels out of control. The impulses which emanate from ajna chakra activate and stimulate the brain.  It raises vibrations and it is the point where the individual mind meets spiritual consciousness. Here we can have clear perception of reality, so we can fully understand our purpose of life. It is our connection to the wisdom the universe has to offer.

When this chakra is opened and balanced, it opens doors to the subconsciousness. Negativity can be eliminated and positive higher elements are attained. A person with open ajna chakra has greater awareness of auras, chakras and can connect with super conscious guidance easier than others. Because of his abilities to visualize, enables him to foresight intuition and clairvoyance. By this opened chakra, one sees energy patterns and it is not limited by distance or time. By focusing on this chakra, you can see things happening on the other side of the world. Visual images are received though this opened chakra. When it is opened and balanced, you are wise and alert as a watchful owl. You receive guidance from super consciousness. The ida and pingla are time bound up to fifth chakra, so a person is also time bound. But as ida and pingla end here, he moves to the subconscious. He is now in the non dual consciousness.

Where all other lower chakras are associated with physical elements, this chakra attunes with mind energies, so its effect is more subtle and influences our state of consciousness and level of consciousness. It is recommended in ancient scriptures of yogas such as Hathyoga Pradipika that we should first work with ajna chakra so that we have the wisdom and control to be able to deal with experiences which may arise from the arousal of other lower chakras.

When this chakra is closed, he has problem with visualization and any type of imagination. When this chakra is underactive, it causes one to be doubtful, forgetful and afraid of success. When this chakra is overactive and excessively abuzz with energy, we experience headache, nightmares, hallucination, difficulty in concentrating and impatience. Physical symptoms of dysfunctional ajna chakra are brain tumor, strokes, blindness, deafness etc. Mental and emotional symptoms are fear of truth, confusion, panic etc.

This chakra is activated and fed by visualization exercise, prayer, meditation and listening to yourself. Different yoga practices said to activate this centre are tratak (steady flame glazing), shambhavi mudra (gazing at space in between eyebrows). Anulom vilom pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) really works to open this chakra. Visualizing yellow flame at the place of ajna chakra is said to be very effective to activate this chakra. This practice establishes communication between individual mind and divine mind. Certain yoga asanas, such as head stand helps to open this chakra.

The meditation upon this chakra, gives some occult powers to quickly enter another’s body at will, to become omniscient. One who meditates on this chakra destroys karmas of all past lives and becomes a liberated soul. Yogi consciously put their pran here at the time of death.


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